Telemetry is the remote management of a product, which in our case is irrigation. With telemetry as part of your irrigation operation, you can literally work from anywhere from your PC or mobile device: your home, a baseball game, or even a dance recital. Because you have access to manage your irrigation equipment from the palm of your hand, you can be rest assured that your irrigation is running when, and where, it’s needed.

Michigan Valley Remote Technology Products

At Michigan Valley Irrigation, we are proud to offer the most advanced irrigation telemetry solutions available on the market; that’s why we carry AgSense® products.


Telemetry Solutions We Offer

As a member of the AgSense dealer network, we are proud to offer the following remote irrigation management solutions:

  • AgSense App
  • AgSense Field Commander
  • AgSense CommanderVP
  • AgSense Crop Link
  • AgSense Aqua Trac

In addition to AgSense products, we also offer the following:

  • Valley BaseStation3
  • Hot Shot Wireless Technology
  • NetIrrigate

For more information on AgSense solutions, visit agsense.net.